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How to View a Data Table

Updated: Jan 17

Tip of the Day: If you work with D365 Finance and Supply Chain (D365 F&SC), you may need to view the SQL tables directly for various tasks, such as creating technical design documents or troubleshooting data migration errors. However, finding and viewing the tables can be challenging if you only rely on the user interface. In this blog, I will share some tips and tools that can help you explore the tables more easily and efficiently.


Install the Chrome Extension in your browser

To add the Chrome extension


How to determine the table name

There are multiple ways to see the table name.  Some tables are easy, and some are more difficult to figure out.

Form Name

Sometimes the Form Name and the table name are the same. To get the record info, right-click on a field header > click Form Information > click on the Form Name.


Sometimes you need to export the Form Information to see the table name(s).


Data Source

The other option is to hover over the Data Source.




Another way is to go to Record Info > Script



How to open a table

In the URL, replace everything after the mi=


with this. . .




where custTable is enter the desired table


Note: Depending on the table and the environment, you may be able to edit the table contents.



How to get the Table name using the Table ID

If you only have the table number and need to know the table name or the SQLName go to the SysTableIdView and search on the ID.


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Jan 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

thanks for sharing this :) in AX2012 we used to open AOT and it was easier to navigate through tables.

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