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Fixed Assets - Depreciation Journal

Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Change (D365 F&SC), in Fixed Assets, it’s super easy to generate the Depreciation Journals. To learn more, see below.

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To generate the monthly Deprecation Journal, go to Fixed Assets > Journal Entries > Fixed Asset Journal.

Note: You can also create the Depreciation Proposal by going to Fixed Assets > Journal Entries > Create Deprecation Proposal.

Click New > select Journal Name > put the date or a note in the Description field > click Lines

Click Proposals > Depreciation Proposal

Enter the period ending date in the To date field > place a checkmark in the Summarize depreciation field (if depreciating by week or by quarter, this will summarize the depreciation into 1 line instead of 3 or 4 lines) > click OK.

The system will load and calculate the depreciation, typically, no changes are need, but review the journal to be sure that the totals are as expected > click Post.

Note: The Offest account is coming from the Fixed asset profiles


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