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How to Create a Custom Alert

Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain (D365 F&SC), would you like to know when a General Journal has been posted? What about a notification when a new Released Product has been created? This list of reasons to be alerted when a field has been added/modified/deleted is endless. There’s a really easy way to get automatic alerts throughout the system.

Batch Jobs

Before starting make sure the 2 alert batch jobs have been set up. To check, go to System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs.

Note: The batch jobs need to be set up per legal entity.

If the batch jobs are not running, setup the batch jobs by going to System administration > Periodic tasks > Alerts > setup a batch job for both Change based alerts and Due date based alerts.

Setup Alert

To setup a new alert, go to the desired screen where the data is entered click Options > Create a custom alert rule

Alert me when

Table name = This will default to the table you are on.

Field = Select the field that you want to set the alert on.

Event = This is the trigger field. WHEN this event happens, trigger the alert. You’ll notice that the Event options will change based on the Field that is selected.


If the Field is an expiration date field, then, the Event option will allow you to select a is due in option and then a time frame. This setup allows you to get an alert before the records expiration date.

If the Field is set to <All fields>, then, the Event options will be record has been created or record has been deleted. This setup allows you to get an alert when a record in that table has been added or deleted.

Alert me for

All records = Select this option for the rule for all records in this Table.

Current record = Just the record you are currently on

Organization-wide = To set this alert for all legal entities, set to Yes.

Alert me until

To be alerted on-going, select No end date. To be alerted until a given date, select End date and populate the date field.

Alert me with

Subject = This is the subject of the alert reminder and the email.

Message = This is the body of the alert reminder and the email.

User ID = This is the user that will be alerted.

Send Email = To send an email when the alert is triggered, set this field to Yes.

Email Recipients = Enter the email address to where the alert should be sent.

Send Externally = If this alert is going to call Power Automate, set this field to Yes.

Click OK

Alert notifications show up as a pop-up when you’re in D365 or you can click the bell.

If an email is being sent, this is what the email looks like.

All Alert Rules

To see all alerts, go to System administration > Setup > Alert rules.


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