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How to Create a New Financial Dimension

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

D365 F&SC Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain (D365 F&SC), in the General Ledger, do you know how to create and activate a new Financial Dimension?

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To create a new Financial Dimension, go to General ledger > Chart of accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimensions > click New.

Use values from

  • Select the desired system-defined entity. If a system-defined entity is selected, the system will auto-populate the financial dimension when records are created.

  • Select Custom dimension to create a financial dimension that will not be auto populated by the system.

    • The name can't contain spaces or special characters.

    • You can specify an account mask to limit the amount and type of information that you can enter for dimension values.

    • You can enter characters that remain the same for each dimension value, such as letters or a hyphen. You can also enter number signs (#) and ampersands (&) as placeholders for letters and numbers that will change every time that a dimension value is created. Use a number sign (#) as a placeholder for a number and an ampersand (&) as a placeholder for a letter. Example: To limit the dimension value to the letters CC and three numbers, you enter CC-### as the format mask.

  • Click Dimension values

    • Some dimension values are company specific. You can verify if they are company specific by if the company name is showing in the dimension values list.

Dimension name

  • Type a value to describe the financial dimension. The name can be different than the system-defined entity but can't contain spaces or special characters.

Click Save

  • When you save the record, you will get a pop-up explaining that the financial dimension will not be usable until activated. You will need to put the system in Maintenance Mode in Life Cycle Services (LCS). Once the environment is in Maintenance Mode, the Activate button will be able to click the Activate option.

Click Activate

  • Activating the financial dimension updates the table with the financial dimension name and removes deleted dimensions.

  • You can enter dimension values before you activate a financial dimension, but a financial dimension can't be used until it's activated.

  • Dimension activation can be scheduled to run by batch at a specific date and time.

After activating the new financial dimension, you will want to:

  • Add the financial dimension to the appropriate Financial dimension configuration for integrating application nodes.

  • Add the financial dimension to the appropriate Financial dimension sets and Rebuild balances.

  • Add the financial dimension to the appropriate Account Structure(s).


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