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How to test Emailing from D365 and other D365 Emailing Tips and Tricks

Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain (D365 F&SC), have you ever had a conversation with an end user that went something like this?

“Thank you for calling the support desk, how may I help you?

I’m not receiving workflow emails from D365FO?

Were you getting workflow emails from D365FO and then you stopped receiving the workflow emails or have you never received workflow emails from D365FO?

I was getting workflow emails from D365FO but then I stopped getting the workflow emails.

Have you checked your junk folder?

Yes, there’s nothing in my junk folder.”


The conversation then results in a screen share and a frustrated user. . .and your sanity is tested too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the support call and then test the users D365FO email yourself or see a log of all the D365FO emails that have been sent to see if the users emails really are failing to send or if the emails are not being generated for the user at all? This may not solve all your problems, but it would remove some of the back-and-forth and some of the frustration.


Another scenario might be that you are setting up email in D365FO and you would like to test emailing without processing a workflow or posting a record.


D365FO has the tools to check sent emails, and to send a test email to a specific email address. These tools help us with the problems described in the scenarios above.


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