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Submit AP Invoice to Workflow without Accounting Distribution

Tip of the Day: Imagine you are working with Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain (D365 F&SC), a powerful software that helps you manage your business operations. You have some pending vendor invoices for procurement categories that do not have predefined GL accounts. How do you handle them? One option is to let the AP Clerk enter the invoice and then assign (or code) the GL accounts during the invoice workflow approval process. This way, you can save time and avoid errors by having the approvers review and confirm the correct GL accounts. Would you like to have this option in your system?

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The Let invoices be submitted to workflow with incomplete or incorrect accounting distributions option in Accounts Payable > Setup > Accounts Payable Parameters, lets you submit a vendor invoice to a workflow process, even when accounting distributions are missing or incorrect. The person who approves the invoice can then correct the accounting information before approving it in the workflow process. Allowing the invoice to be submitted to workflow makes it more readily available to approvers who have access and responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the accounting information on the invoice.


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