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To reverse a posted Sales Order Packing Slip that has not been invoiced

Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Change (D365 F&SC), in Sales and Marketing if changes need to be made to a posted Sales Order Packing Slip, you can either Cancel the Packing Slip or Correct the Packing Slip. To see how, follow the guide below.

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To reverse a posted Sales Order Packing Slip that has not been invoiced, go to Sales and marketing > Sales orders > All sales orders > find the sales order, click on Pick and pack > Journals > Packing Slip.

There are 2 options: Correct and Cancel

Correct allows you to reverse part of the Packing Slip. To correct a Packing Slip, click Correct > in the Lines section enter the quantity that should have been shipped under the Update column.

For example, on this Packing Slip, I shipped 10 but I should have shipped 7. I entered 7 under the Update column and 3 appeared in the Quantity to be reversed column.

If the items being reversed are setup with batch or serial control, you’ll get the following message. You’ll want to select No to the pop-up and turn on the Dimension Display so you can select the Batch or serial.

Once the required information is populated, when you click OK, you’ll get the pop-up below, click OK.

The Cancel option will reverse everything on the Packing Slip.

The Line Status is now Open order, which means that you can now make the needed changes and ship the items again.


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