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Using Budget Control Part 3

Tip of the Day: In Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Change (D365 F&SC), this is Part 3 of a multi-post blog on Budget Control. This blog shows how to use Budget Control. To learn more, please follow the link below.

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When budget control is configured, source documents and accounting journals can be checked for the budget funds availability. By configuring budget control, an organization can decide which source documents and accounting journals the budget check should be applied to. You can enable budget control for a specific dimension or a set of dimensions that are subject to a budget check. By applying a budget check, you can prevent the source documents such as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, or vendor invoices from additional processing if they exceed the budget funds available.


In this example, we will use budget checking on a purchase order. To perform a manual budget check, click Manage > Budget > Perform budget checking.

Notice that the message is telling us that we have exceeded the budget the budget check results on the purchase order line displays a red X. We could have also made the system automatically perform the budget check by confirming the purchase order.

To issue a special request so the purchase order can be processed or view the information, click Manage > Budget > Perform budget check errors or warnings.

Click Create budget request, the information will default including the amount that is needed to cover the purchase order amount, click Create budget request.

The user that has control of that budget will see an entry in the Budget > Budget registry entry screen with a Budget type = Transfer, Status = Draft, the requested amount, and the Source document is set to the purchase order number. Keep in mind that just because a user has requested the additional budget, the budget control rules will be applied, and the system may not allow the budget entry to be updated. If the Update budget balance process runs with no error, the money is then reserved for that purchase order.


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